Anchorage's New Homeless Shelter?

Updated: Jun 30

Alaska offered the 58 year-old ferry MV Malaspina for free to the Philippines. Nevermind Alaska or another state, just give it away.

The newly elected Anchorage Mayor's first action is what to do with approxinmatly 400 homeless housed in the Sullivan Arena. The Arena needs to be vacated by September 2021.

East Anchorage has been selected to place a temporary structure to provide shelter before the winter months.

are not happy and are asking, where are the East Anchorage Assembly Members, Forest Dunbar and Pete Petersen.

Maybe we should explore the idea of mothballing the Malaspina in the Cook Inlet across to Point McKenzie for a temporary shelter, maybe Juneau.

The ferry has kitchen, restroom facilities, showers and room for 500. Add office space for med clinic, classroom, and other resource centers in one spot services.

I would highly consider this as a place for homeless, or at the least explore the idea and inform the public..

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